What Is French Style Yogurt and How to Make It at Home?

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What Is French-Style Yogurt?

The traditional yogurt you find in the grocery store is Greek style yogurt. In order to understand French-Style Yogurt, you have to learn about the Greek style yogurt making process.

The Greek process involves heating milk to 185 degrees F. Yogurt cultures are added, along with the milk, and then the liquid is kept at 115 degrees F until the bacteria processes glucose and converts it into lactic acid.

As the lactic acid is produced, the milk curdles and the yogurt is created.

With this type of yogurt, the high heat kills the yogurt cultures so the yogurt has a shelf life of about 3 weeks.

The French style yogurt makers work a little differently; they will typically heat the milk to 175 degrees F and then set the yogurt maker to 110 degrees F. The cultures are additives along with the milk and the time is set for 12 to 14 hours.

During that time, the bacteria cultures will slowly work at producing lactic acid. That lactic acid will slowly change the composition of the milk and when the yogurt gets to a specific composition, it will curdle.

The French style yogurt makers are designed so that they only create small batch of yogurt at a time. During this process, the bacteria is working, so the whey enzymes are allowed to do their work.

Are Oui and French Yogurt the Same?

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The same thing goes if you want to learn how to make French style yogurt at home. If you are a real yogurt lover you should definitely try your own. If you do it successfully, you will feel the same satisfaction like those who craft their own furniture, make their own candles or breads, or groom their own dogs.

The only thing you need to make a yogurt this way is organic, full-fat milk. You also need to choose a plain yogurt with live and active cultures. You can add a touch of vanilla or use another flavor, but these are optional.

The process of french style yogurt is quite easy. It is actually the same as making any yogurt at home. You have to heat the organic milk till it boils. The milk is the only ingredient that you are going to use. Now you have to wait until the milk cools off to one hundred and eight degrees. Then you have to add the yogurt cup. Put a lid on the pot and leave it overnight. In the morning, your yogurt is ready to enjoy.

How Is It Different Than Greek-Style Yogurt?

How Is It Different from Regular Yogurt?

French-style yogurt or also known as “Creamed-Style Yogurt” or “Yogurt Cream” uses the whey when making yogurt. The whey is the liquid left in the yogurt strainer or after straining yogurt. The resulting product is thinner and creamier than Greek-style yogurt. It also contains a higher amount of butterfat, which makes it an excellent choice for smoothies or any kind of dessert that you want to add a touch of creaminess. Traditional recipes of the Greek yogurt call for straining the yogurt until the yogurt cheese is a thick consistency. And then you discard the whey. However, the whey has the consistency of a thin liquid instead of a thick consistency like flour or some other type of cheese. So it’s very easy to pour out. You can use it to make Greek yogurt for yourself.

How to Make French Style Yogurt at Home?

Making a great tasting yogurt at home is not too difficult, but for the best-textured yogurt, you will need to pay attention to a few things.

Use organic milk to create the best tasting yogurt. You don’t have to use exclusively organic this is optional.

Will French-Style Yogurt Replace Greek-Style Yogurt?

Commercial yogurt recipes have varying degrees of thickness and tartness, which makes it difficult to make consistent yogurt.

However, using French-style yogurt will make it smooth and consistent. You can use two tablespoons of yogurt for every cup of milk to mix together to create French-style yogurt.

To make homemade yogurt, heat the milk as usual and once it is warm add yogurt starter culture.

Put a lid on it and let it sit at room temperature for 6-8 hours.

Some recipes say to wrap yogurt maker in a towel to keep it warm for six hours, but this technically doesn’t create yogurt.

Once you mix the warm milk into the yogurt starter, it will begin to separate. But before it can set, you need to preserve it in the fridge.

How to Make French-Style Yogurt at Home?

Yogurt is the oldest known fermented milk product. Whether you like it sweetened with fruit or unsweetened, made with whole milk or low-fat, flavored with vanilla or chocolate, there's really no bad yogurt, as long as it's fresh. The process of making yogurt is simple. The bacteria in your yogurt starter culture converts the milk sugar, called lactose, to lactic acid and carbon dioxide, while the yogurt cools in the incubator, creating a perfect environment for the friendly bacteria to reproduce.

French-style yogurt is the classic example of an American food that is now a part of the traditional cuisine in France. Traditional French-style yogurt is made with a much higher percentage of fat than American-style yogurt. Most natural yogurts in Germany and Scandinavia are also similar to French-style yogurt. The extra fat acts as an emulsifier, preventing separation and making the texture creamier.

To make French-style yogurt you will need a maker that is set to maintain a temperature between 110 and 115 degrees F.

You also need to have a culture or yogurt starter made up that's fresh that day. The culture, whether microbial or animal-based, feeds and converts the milk sugar to lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Always start with a fresh batch of yogurt as the bacteria from a previous batch will not have the same effect.

Final Thoughts

In this post we discussed some of the benefits of yogurt for health that have been extensively proven, including its effect on the immune system and on heart health. In addition, we looked at some of the most prominent types of yogurt available, including types of yogurt that are popular in Europe. At the end of the post, we shared the recipe for a classic brunch quiche, which can be easily adapted to include or exclude ingredients to your taste.