How Many Calories in Greek Yogurt

How many calories in Greek yogurt? Find out how this rich and creamy yogurt compares to regular yogurt, as well as dairy-free milks.

What Is Frozen Yogurt?

If you’ve ever scrolled through the yogurt aisle at the grocery store and are unsure whether to get ‘regular’ yogurt, Greek yogurt or frozen yogurt, you’re not alone.

What Is Frozen Yogurt Made Of?

Don’t feel embarrassed if you have never tried frozen yogurt before – in fact, you are late to the party! This frozen dessert is a unique treat to be experienced.

How Much Yogurt Starter to Use

It’s quite possible that your first batch of homemade yogurt will fail to set properly. Don’t be alarmed: it’s a common rookie yogurt-maker mistake. Knowing how much yogurt starter to use for a batch of homemade yogurt will ensure your first batch turns out great.

What Does Greek Yogurt Taste Like?

Does Greek yogurt have a different taste? Is it better or different from regular yogurt? Here’s everything you need to know about these two popular styles of yogurt.

How Long to Culture Yogurt

The best and healthiest ways to culture yogurt, depending on the type of yogurt maker you have, and how long yogurt needs to incubate.

What is Live Culture Yogurt?

Live Culture Yogurt contains beneficial probiotic bacteria that aid in digestion, replenish your healthy gut flora, and have anti-aging properties.