Best Greek Yogurt Maker & Strainer Reviews (2022)

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Greek yogurt has been all the craze lately as it contains many health benefits. The great thing is that Greek yogurt is much lower in sugar than traditional yogurt so it is also a great snack if you are trying to be more healthy.

Before you can enjoy your yummy tasty Greek yogurt, you need to make it. If you are looking for the best Greek yogurt makers, keep reading!

Have a read through our reviews of the best Greek yogurt makers and strainers. We’ve got information on brands and products, as well as some consumer feedback to help you make the best decision!

Oster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt MakerBest OverallOster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt Maker
Nut Milk & Greek Yogurt MakerBudget PickNut Milk & Greek Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt MakerUpgrade PickEuro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

1. Oster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt Maker

Our rating: 9 / 10

Oster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt Maker

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  • The Greek yogurt maker can be used by the beginner as well as the advanced user.
  • You can experiment with a wide variety of recipes.
  • You can make yogurt enriched with the flavor of fruit or herbs.


  • The yogurt maker is a little noisy, but this is normal as the machine needs to pump the milk through the yogurt making process.


The Oster CKSTYM1001 is a manual Greek yogurt maker that takes the stress out of Greek yogurt making. It is a one-of-a-kind machine that is designed to make 'Yoplait' style Greek yogurt in the comfort of your own home. The Greek yogurt maker is an easy-to-clean, safe, and effective system that would be great for the Greek yogurt enthusiast.

The yogurt maker is designed with a double layered strainer bag that makes straining the yogurt option simple and effective. You can use the straining bag for straining the yogurt as well as draining the whey from cheese cloth.

2. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

Our rating: 9 / 10

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

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  • Easy to use
  • Quite durable
  • Good price
  • Includes recipe book

The Euro Cuisine GY50 is a great option for making Greek yogurt in your home using the convenient batch method. The Y50 can make approximately six cups of yogurt at a time which means that you may need to work in batches to use up the entire output of your batch in one session.

The process for making yogurt with the Y50 is quite simple. When you first make yogurt you should heat your half gallon of milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it’s heated you’ll want to remove it from the stove and place it in a cold water bath to cool. Let the milk sit in the water bath for about 3 hours. At this point you’ll want to drain the yogurt.

The Y50 Greek yogurt maker also comes with a Greek yogurt strainer bag that will allow you to drain the yogurt and separate the yogurt and whey. Once you have strained the yogurt you’ll be able to refrigerate it for up to 7 days.

3. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine

Our rating: 8 / 10

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine

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Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display + 2 BPA-Free Storage Containers with Lids, Blue.

(Pure Beauty) Instant Fit & Function: This yogurt maker comes pre-assembled and is ready to make your first batch of yogurt within 5 minutes of unboxing the machine. Additionally, the thermostat and timer has been preset at the factory and the display is backlit for easy viewing. All you have to do is choose how long you would like to keep the machine on for.

(Simple Set-up & Operation) With the reusable double layered filter and dual temperature monitoring, this yogurt machine is a perfect fit for everyone. Just add in your ingredients, let the machine do the hard work and the result that will appear at the end is your own, delicious yogurt!

4. Nut Milk & Greek Yogurt Maker

Our rating: 8 / 10

Nut Milk & Greek Yogurt Maker

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  • The stainless steel is robust and won’t rust
  • The design is easy to clean
  • It’s easy to use
  • The mesh is fine enough to produce a smooth milk
  • The product is multipurpose
  • Strainer can be used for cheese, yogurt, nut pulp
  • You can use the stainless steel bowl for other tasks such as sauces or ice cream


  • The product is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand
  • It doesn’t strain more than a cup at once
  • The screen is soldered on to the mesh, making it a bit of a pain to take off to clean
  • It’s smaller than you may expect
  • Screen is tight, sometimes taking a bit of effort to clean

The Nut Milk & Greek Yogurt Maker is perhaps best utilized as a milk strainer for people who enjoy making their own frozen yogurt. The strainer package comes with a small stainless steel strainer and small stainless steel bowl ideal for those who make small batches of yogurt or milk.

The stainless steel bowl is useful in producing your own frozen yogurt, as it can be lined with plastic wrap and used in the freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Greek yogurt maker?

If you love this yogurt, which is having real health benefits, we strongly recommend this product. It looks good and it is of good quality. It is very easy to use and clean. It is small, light and easy to store. This machine is easy to use with automatic shutoff feature. You put in the milk and turn the machine on and in a few hours your yogurt is ready. It has a cylindrical bowl that can hold 3 quarts of milk and it is light and handy.

You can choose from three yogurt consistency options as well as you can use alternative milk to your choice, as it has a large opening for both. It has a timer that has automatic shut off system. It has a LCD screen display for timer and temperature. It has 3 quarts capacity and you can make 6 cups of yogurt. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

This is the product that we recommend.

What is the best yogurt maker?

In the process of making yogurt at home, the temperature and in some cases the lack of oxygen is key to the success of the result. The yogurt maker helps you control the temperature and the time (the most important element) for culturing your yogurt. You need to create a yogurt starter or culture first before adding it to the milk and then put it into the yogurt maker.

The yogurt maker also helps leave out oxygen from the milk so that the yogurt will not turn bad. There are several yogurt makers available today that help to make the yogurt creation process hassle-free. Some of the yogurt makers available are;

{1}. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Machine (YK12)
{2}. BriskGourmet Digital Yogurt Maker
{3}. Cuisinart CYM-100 Automatic Yogurt Maker
{4}. Zulay Automatic Yogurt Maker
{5}. Yogourmet Digital Yogurt & Muffin Maker

How do you use a yogurt strainer?

One of the simplest ways to make Yogurt is by the straining method. There are different ways to accomplish this, but 2 of the most popular are:

  • Yogurt maker with straining function
  • Strainer

There is some controversy in regards to which method of strain yogurt is best. Some people think that yogurt made in a strainer, although taking more time, is tastier. In the end it will all come down to personal preference. However, the Yogurt makers with straining function tend to be cheaper, and some even have extra features, such as automatic temperature control, etc.

Is it cheaper to make your own Greek yogurt?

It can be, especially if you already have a cheesecloth. But cheesecloth is a one-time investment. Buying a top-of-the-line Yogotherm yogurt maker, on the other hand, is an ongoing investment that will last you for a long time to come. You can use the yogurt maker year-round, so when comparing the cost of making your own yogurt at home over a long period of time, the Yogotherm is in your favor.

When comparing yogurt machine and cheesecloth, it seems like making yogurt may be a better option over time, but that depends on how often you make it. If you make yogurt once a month, the machine is the way to go, but if you make yours weekly, then cheesecloth is the way to go.


To a housewife, a yogurt maker is one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets to have in your kitchen. It makes your morning preparation easier, and it also saves you time and money. How about making your yogurt in less than five minutes? This piece of kitchen aid can also be used to make other desserts and drinks. Aside from the great taste, a desire to eat healthier and to be more responsible come together to create a global market for this product.

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Oster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt MakerBest OverallOster CKSTYM1001 Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt Maker
Nut Milk & Greek Yogurt MakerBudget PickNut Milk & Greek Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt MakerUpgrade PickEuro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker